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Yo WhatsApp APK grants unique customization, security, and privacy features. Get the latest version and install on Android and iOS with a dedicated installation guide.

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Whenever you think about the instant messaging app, you will think about the WhatsApp messenger app in your mind. There’s no denying that it’s the most popular chatting platform around the globe. As a cherry on top, you will obtain the whole experience of having a conversation with your friends and family.

The trend of instant messages has arrived in the last decade, and none can beat this app. Before this, we sent the fax, email, letter, and many more things. Each of them is time-consuming, and you have to wait for a reply from the next end. However, everything changed with the revolutionary WhatsApp messenger.

Despite this, you will find the loss of tech enthusiasts who didn’t like this app only for its simple layout. Well, it is true if you use the theme for a long time, it will start looking uninteresting and dull. Do you feel the same way? If yes, it’s time to switch to something new and exciting. In that case, you can try different WhatsApp Mods. However, if you are looking for something exceptional, you can check out the YoWhatsApp apk.

The YoWhatsApp is the best WhatsApp mod you can try out right away. With this apk, you will obtain robust customization, privacy, and security attributes that are generally quite difficult to receive in the regular WhatsApp instant messenger app. You are looking for alternative options to satisfy all your needs.

If you are also bored with those simple layouts and thrill your life by downloading different WhatsApp mods, we have exciting options that you can’t miss out on – YOWA. This application is loved by tech enthusiasts who desire to receive an exceptional chatting experience. So, we recommend you instantly click on the download button to attain those impressive features and download YoWhatsApp.

What is YoWhatsApp APK

YoWhatsApp is one of the popular WhatsApp messengers modified applications, while the fabulous instant messaging features can enhance the overall experience in a pretty hassle-free and accessible manner. 

Following this, you won’t either get any problem setting up the account. On the other hand, the app renders lots of customization stuff that is usually impossible to see in the official app. Furthermore, you can acquire the ditto instant messaging experience. 

You can do several things once you have unlocked those impressive sets of features with the YoWhatsApp. Like any other WhatsApp mod, you will attain tons of exciting attributes that make your life more exciting compared to the regular and boring features of the official WhatsApp.

With this mod apk, you can perform a diverse range of things from changing the layout theme according to your needs, while you will also attain better security and privacy traits. It includes seeing the deleted message, videos, and audio files without any problem.

On top of that, you will receive several similar and exciting features as the well-known WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and FMWhatsApp.

These functions are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are tons of immersive features waiting for you if you are ready to download the YOWA over your Android or iOS phone. In the following section, get information about the unique features of Yo WhatsApp. 


Advanced Compatibility

advanced compatibility

The Yo WhatsApp is designed to work in every situation, while it crosses limits of 150 characters to 225 characters. You can share more than 100+ documents at once. While sharing media is possible for up to 50MB.

Variety Of Themes


There are hundreds of beautiful themes waiting to be applied, you can choose any one that fits your taste. Moreover, you can also create a personalized theme that has gorgeous wallpaper, header settings, and interior shapes, all according to your wish.

Download Status

download status

You didn’t have to beg your friend to get the status nor do you have to use a third-party app to download the status of your contacts. Get the latest version of the Yo WA that has an additional feature to download status anytime!

Self Destructive Messages

self destructive messages

The self-destruct message is one of the hidden gems of the Yo WhatsApp messenger. When you send a self-destructive message to your phone, it will automatically be deleted from the conversation history once the other hand user reads the message only once. 

Night Mode

night mode

The dark themes proved to be more battery efficient and didn’t affect the eyes that much. So, YoWA launched the inbuilt night-mode function from which you can experience the dark theme. To do so, simply tap on the moon icon. That’s it!

Chat Lock

chat lock

Enhancing the privacy factor is one of the reasons why you have switched from WhatsApp to YO WA. With the advanced features of this WhatsApp mod, you can hide chat and put a locker in it. No need to think about anything and enjoy private messages without any worries!

More Features

Hide Last Seen: Nobody will be able to see whether you are active online or have seen the message with the hide last seen feature. In simple words, you can go stealth mode, unlike the official app. 

DND Mode: Like other WhatsApp mods, you will also receive the do not disturb mode, which you can access from the home screen. With this, you won’t be interrupted by messages and focus on work properly. 

Chat Head Message: The chat head messaging feature allows you to directly reply to any text message from the notification bar, just like the official messenger app, without no hassle. 

DIY Theme: The best way to unveil the true strength of WhatsApp YO would be DIY themes as you can easily change the chat header, add colors, various font styles, add backup, and more things. 

Color Phone: Not only you can add different colors to the background of the chat screen, but you can also add various colors shade on the audio and video call section. 

Auto Translation Message: The YoWA is developed to run precisely with lots of languages, while you can translate any message with the auto-translation feature.  

More Backup Sources: With the regular WhatsApps, you are only permitted to backup data from Google Drive. But with the YoWhatsApps some things are going to change. Now, you can even backup with MEGA and Dropbox too!

Disable Forwarded Indicator: Forward message indicator is something that most users don’t like because it points out that you have already sent the same message to lots of people. With the Latest YoWhatsApp, you can disable Forward Indictor!

Hide View Status: If you are ghosting someone and still want to see their status, you can do so by Yo WhatsApp, and see the status of your friends without being counted in the Status view list. 

Status Downloader: The WhatsApp YO is a convenient mod that grants power to download the status of your friends, family, and contact list without any problem. 

Anti-Delete Status: In some cases, we weren’t able to see the status of our friends, but with the anti-delete status feature of YOWA, you can see their status anytime. 

Anti-Delete Messages: There are several instances where we get confused about why the person deleted the message. But not anymore! As you can view deleted messages with the YO WA. 

Hide Blue Ticks: If you didn’t have an answer for the ongoing conversation with your contacts, you disable the blue tick to show that you didn’t read that message!

Send Photos in Best Quality: You have been dissatisfied with the low-quality WhatsApp photos, right? With WhatsApp YO, you will receive the best quality photos even after sharing them multiple times. 

Increase Send Media Size Limit: Usually, when you share a media file in the official WhatsApp, it’s limited by 30MB. However, the modified version enhances the media size limits to some extent. 

Hide Media From Gallery: You might have also felt once in a while that the WhatsApp media file covered more areas in the gallery. But with Yo WhatsApp features, you can hide the media files from the gallery and see the magic. 

Emoji Variants: No need to rely on outdated emojis! So, get unique emoji variants from YOWA to make the chats even funnier. 

Pin More Conversations: The official app only allows you to pin up to three conversations on the chat screen, but with Yo WhatsApp, you can pin several conversations at once. 

Increase Forward Limit: You can share the same message with up to 20 contacts with the forward features of the official WhatsApp. On the other hand, the YOMOD whatsapp provides up to 300+ contact forward message limits. 

Choose Launcher Icon: There are more than 50+ WhatsApp icons from which you can change the external look on the app in the app drawer. You can choose your favorite launcher icon according to your desire. 

Download YoWhatsApp APK

App NameYoWhatsApp
Size77 MB
LanguageMulti-Language Support
DeveloperWhatsapp Mods
Last Updated1 day ago

The Latest Yo WhatsApp is yet another WhatsApp-modified application, but it arrives with exciting and polished instant messaging features that the official messaging app usually misses in multiple folds.

With this setup, you will get great traits that make you go wild. Besides this, you will get a diverse range of features with the simplistic layout of the official WhatsApp that makes the overall experience excellent. Plus, you didn’t have to create an additional account to experience those attributes over your phone.

What’s New in v10.6



⭕️ What’s new in v10.6

? [Anti-Ban] Fix SMS/Call Verification
? [Anti-Ban] Disabled data collection by WA
➕ Change Convo Default Reactions (FMMods > Conversation Screen)
➕ Call Screen Background Color (FMMods > Home > Calls)
➕ Call Screen Text color option
➕ Call Screen Icons color option
➕ Notification Icon color option (FMMods > Universal > Style)
❤️ Search messages by date
❤️ New WhatsApp UI
❤️ Multiple Accounts on same devices
? Light/Night mode option to FMMods > FMThemes
? Lots of bugs and Improvements
? General bug fixes
? Enjoy and discover by yourself!


Yo WhatsApp Interface

How to Install Yo WhatsApp APK on Android?

Now that you have completed the download process let’s move toward the installation guide. Here is the instruction list from which you can easily unlock those outstanding messaging attributes for your phone. But before you dive into the following steps, we recommend you take chat backup to avoid any problems later. 

To do so, simply follow the given steps below to enjoy the exciting features. 

  1. Open the official client WhatsApp messenger.
  2. Inside the app, tap on the three-dot button.
  3. Select the Settings option from the list. 
  4. Now, press on the Chat options.
  5. Scroll down and tap on Chat Backup. 
  6. Finally, click on Backup Now to save data. 

Once that happens, you are ready to install YoWhatsApp. With that said, let’s begin the real deal!

  1. First of all, enable the download setting from an unknown source.
  2. To allow the third-party download, you have to open the Settings app.
  3. You must search for the security tab present in the Setting menu list following this. Click on the Security option. 
  4. Inside the Security settings menu, you have to scroll down and look for Unknown Source choice and enable the toggle. 
  5. Now, grab the latest version and download it on your phone precisely. 
  6. After the downloading procedure ends, head toward the browser’s download folder. 
  7. Tap on the YoWhatsApp messenger app to start the installation process. 
  8. Once that happens, enter the app and Agree and Continue with the terms and policies. 
  9. Now, add the country code and mobile number to receive the OTP over your smartphone. 
  10. Allow all of the necessary permission to run the app properly. 
  11. Finally, you can profile your name and photos. With this, you have successfully downloaded and installed Yo WhatsApp. 

Now, it’s time to unlock the exciting features of Yo WhatsApp. For that, you have to open the app and click on the three-dot present in the top-right corner of the app. Enable any features you want to access. That’s it!


Install YoWhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp for Android (Requirements)

Before you get started with the download process of Yo WhatsApp for the android phone, first, you need to fulfill the basic requirements to avoid any problems later on.

We have covered some of the most common things you need to consider before installing any WhatsApp mods on your phone. With that said, let’s begin the rundown tasks.

  • First and foremost, you will need an android phone( the phone needs to be on Android 4.0 OS or above would be great).
  • Secondly, you have to download the latest version of Yo WhatsApp on your phone( The downloaded setup is present in the above section).
  • Fast Internet connection to easily download the app. (It’s the most obvious one)
  • You can’t make two accounts with the same number. If you want to use your primary number, we recommend you delete the official WhatsApp and then install this app. If you don’t desire to use your account, create a demo account with other numbers.

All of these are the most common requirements that usually a user has to think about before starting the installation process for Yo WhatsApp.

After completing the bare minimum requirements, you are ready to install YOWA on your android phone though there’s nothing special about the list.

What are your thoughts? I’m sure you also think the same way. But it’s necessary, especially the last one. With that said, let’s head toward grasping how to install WhatsApp YO on an android phone.

How to Install YoWhatsApp on iOS?

  • First of all, get the latest version of the Yo WhatsApp apk. 
  • Now, download and install WhatsApp on your iOS device.
  • Next, you have to go to Settings → General → Profiles & device management.
  • Look for the app profile and enable Trusted App settings.
  • With this, WhatsApp YO is ready to use!

YoWhatsapp Download For PC

Do you want to unlock those impressive customization features on your computer? Yes, you surely want to experience those exciting and robust functions on your PC. No problem, we got a dedicated guide for you to easily download and install Yo WhatsApp for PC.

If you want to use WhatsApp mods for a long time, there’s no such feature to connect your YO WA account to the computer. Usually, the official app offers barcodes to use the web WhatsApp.

However, there’s no news that any WhatsApp mod arrived with similar technology. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t use WhatsApp YO on PC. Actually, you can, except you have to pick the alternative route. Long story short!

You can download any android emulator to the PC, and the rest is history. You will have full access to those marvelous features of Yo WhatsApp. Now that you have grasped the essential information. Let’s move to the process section.

  1. First of all, you have to download the zip file setup of LDPlayer over your PC/laptop.
  2. Go to the official website of the LDPlayer and get the latest version by pressing the Download button present on the home screen. 
  3. Download and extract the setup without any hassle and enter it into the application. 
  4. Now, you have to go to google search and search for (www.yowa.vip), then hit enter.
  5. For this, you will attain the latest version of Yo WhatsApp over the computer. 
  6. Following this, apply the installation process as you do on a regular Android phone. 
  7. Once that installation process ends, open the app and agree with the terms and conditions.
  8. Add your mobile number and country to receive the dedicated OTA over the phone. 
  9. Enter the OTP and grant all the essential permission to effortlessly unlock the Yo WhatsApp settings feature.
  10. You won’t be able to restore a backup, so simply skip this part and move to the next part.
  11. Finally, insert your username and profile to start an amazing instant messaging journey. 

Kudos! You have successfully installed Yo WhatsApp for PC/Laptop. But sadly, you can restore the previous chat files in the LDPlayer android emulator software. That’s why we will highly recommend you create a fresh account that doesn’t have any chat data or media files stored.

It’s the only possible method to apply that android app features over Windows. Now, nobody can hold you back and start using the Yo WhatsApp features. Besides this, get the android ecosystem experience over the PC in a hassle-free manner.

How to Use YoWhatsApp Without Losing Chats?

You don’t want to lose your conversation while switching to WhatsApp right? Worry not, we are here to assist you in this situation. In the following section, we have covered a simple method by which you can use Yo WhatsApp without losing Chats.

One of the reasons why we usually didn’t want to switch to WhatsApp MOD is only because of the chat storage on the account. However, all of these things are just holding you back from not being able to unlock those cool features. Do you also feel restrained by the boring settings? No issue with that, you can easily take chat backup and use it while installing Yo WhatsApp.

Note: The subsequent process is only applicable if you are switching the account from android to android. Sadly, it does not apply in the case of android to PC, because the android emulator is not connected to a cloud storage Gmail account.

  1. As a thumb rule, you have to enter into the official WhatsApp messenger application regularly.
  2. Following this, you will find the three-dot button at the top-right corner of the chat home screen, click on it!
  3. Inside the drop-down menu, there are a few options in which you have to select the Settings option. 
  4. Since we want to take chat backup, press on the Chat choice present in the list.
  5. Scroll down to the end. Here, you will notice the Chat Backup choice, press on it!
  6. Afterward, you have to press the Backup Now button and select the Gmail drive you want to store data.
  7. Once the conversation and media data are backed up, you can remove the official WhatsApp from your phone.
  8. Now, download and install the YoWhatsApp over your phone and complete the setup process.
  9. You also have to add your mobile number and country code to get the OTP message. 
  10. Following this, allow all the permission that pops up on your phone screen. 
  11. When you see the restore button, click on it to obtain the backup chat data for later usage.
  12. That’s it, you have finally installed YoWhatApp without losing the Chats from your phone.

Don’t be scared, it’s not as hard as you are initially thinking! You can perform the steps easily. We have also included a dedicated screenshot so that you understand the whole procedure of how to install Yo WhatsApp without losing chats.

In the same manner, you can roll back to the official WhatsApp. But once you get a taste of the WhatsApp YO settings, you won’t think about going back to the official messenger apk for sure! Now, it’s time to grasp more info through the YoWhatsApp infographics.

Is Yo WhatsApp Safe to Use on Android?

The YoWhatsApp APK is safe to use on the Android ecosystem, and I have thoroughly checked the app before uploading it to this page. Besides this, our tech team also gives a green signal. So worry not and enjoy the most renowned attributes of YoWhatsAp with the best security features as a cherry on top. 

Moreover, you will attain immersive security aspects that make the overall app usage experience superb. And you didn’t need to be scared of anything regarding malware or virus attacks. The latest version also brings out brilliant tweaks!

Aside from this, the YOWA didn’t ask for any fee to unlock that robust customization, awesome themes, diverse icons, funny emojis, security, and privacy tweaks. The list can go and go, while you can check out other exciting features shown in the above section. 

So what are you waiting for? Get the latest version of the YO MOD from the above section, and dive into the diverse range of features to create a personalized app ecosystem!

Is Yo WhatsApp Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad)?

Fortunately, the YoWhatsApp is not available for the iOS smartphone because the source codes are taken from the official android client WhatsApp. In simple words, you can download Yo WhatsApp on iOS phones too. 

The YO MOD is specifically developed for Android ecosystem phones, while on the same note, you won’t get this app on the Google Play store. The reason for that is the app violates some of the policies of the Appstore. 

Like most WhatsApp mods, you can’t download and install it directly from the Google Play store. In that case, the developer’s third-party website comes a handful as they provide 100% working WhatsApp YO without any hassle.

User Reviews




I have used many WhatsApp applications before, but YOWA is become my first choice after experiencing the robust features of this app.




For a long time, I’m looking for WhatsApp YO for my iPhone X, and after surfing the internet, here I am. Thank you for providing this exceptional WhatsApp mod for iOS users!




The app is great. It has a little learning curve as with most new software programs, but once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing. I give this app 10/10 stars and 5/5 thumbs up!




I am not a fan of big articles, but your post gives detailed information about each and every aspect of Yo Whatsapp. With this post, anybody can easily download and install YO WA on their phone.




This is a very nice app, I have been using it for a few years, and I didn’t encounter any ban problems. I highly recommend Yo WhatsApp to anyone who wants to experience WhatsApp mods for the first time!


Is YoWhatsApp Safe to use on Android?

Yes, you can safely use WhatsApp on any android phone without no issues. Besides this, the app uses the same WhatsApp servers that make it easy for the user to enjoy the instant messaging services. Moreover, you didn’t even need to apply root access to use this app. Simply download Yo WhatsApp over your phone. Get the latest version to enjoy the best attributes.

Does Yo WhatsApp work on the iPhone?

Hopefully, Yo WhatsApp works on the iPhone, and you can choose any version according to your needs. But before that, make sure you need to put this app into the trusted app list to use it thoroughly. With this, you can easily enjoy the customization features of the iOS phone and create a distinctive app interface.

Can YoWhatsApp be banned?

There’s no denying that there is a slim chance that your WhatsApp mod account can get banned from the WhatsApp servers. But here in Yo WhatsApp, it also integrated the MOD script that gives you additional features and functions. If you don’t want to face any issues, we recommend you use a demo account to experience all those exciting WhatsApp YO, instead of using your mobile number.

Is it possible to Install YoWhatsapp APK without verification?

Installing the YoWhatsApp APK without any verification code is possible. But if you are getting any issues during the installation procedure, you have to disable the Google Play Protection function to avoid damage. Apart from this, you also need to ensure to enable the download from unknown source settings.

Why is the Yo WhatsApp App not found on Google Play Store?

The Yo WhatsApp app is usually loaded with MOD scripts that grant impeccable features to customize the app interface, while there are tons of security attributes. But due to those scripts, this app can’t be found on the Google Play Store because it is against the app store policies and conditions.

Can I keep both WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp APK installed together?

Yeah, you can use both WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp together, except you have to create a demo account for WhatsApp YO. Once you have completely set up the account, you can use both WhatsApp side by side on your phone without any hassle. Moreover, this trick can apply to the clone WhatsApp application as well.

How do I import conversations from WhatsApp to YoWhatsapp APK?

The process of importing conversations from the official WhatsApp to the Yo WhatsApp is simple; follow the below guide.

1. First of all, open the WhatsApp messenger app.
2. Tap on the three-dot button to access the settings options.
3. Inside the menu, you have to pick the chat options
4. Click on the Chat backup to store your conversation and media files on the cloud storage.
5. Now delete the app and install the YO MOD over your phone.
6. Verify your account and add your number and country code.

After this, you will notice the app will ask to restore a backup and import the previous conversation over Yo WhatsApp without any issue.

Is YoWhatsApp developed by the WhatsApp company?

No, Yo WhatsApp is not developed by WhatsApp inc. The application is modified by different third-party developers. Worry not, nothing going to happen to your device or data.

Why YoWhatsapp not found in Play Store?

Basically, Yo WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application in which the developers added various MODs scripts. Adding the script to the official app is against Playstore policies. That’s why you won’t find any mod apps on this Appstore platform. Instead of this, you have relied on aggregator websites.

Is YoWhatsApp App available for iOS, Windows, and Blackberry devices?

Hopefully, WhatsApp YO is available for iOS phones and tablets, while for windows, you have to install an android emulator like LDPlayer Emulator. As for the Blackberry devices, we will soon update them when the developer releases the new variant.

How do I change Themes on YoWhatsApp?

Here’s the list of the instruction. Follow them, to change the theme.

1. First of all, open Yo WhatsApp and click on the three-dot menu.
2. Press on the YO Settings option and select the desired theme.

You can choose anything from the wide range of libraries of themes. With this, easily create DIY themes, wallpaper, icons, font styles, and many more!

Where can I find more themes on YoWhatsApp?

You will find lots of interesting and mind-blowing themes inside the theme library of Yo WhatsApp. Choose anything that fits your preference. On the other hand, if you are looking for something different and more intriguing, you can check out various theme options on the Internet.

Will I be banned If I use YoWhatsApp?

There’s nothing we can say about it. Usually, there’s a slim chance of a temporary ban which can be lifted when you switch to the official WhatsApp account. But we highly recommend you use a demo account until you build trust to set up Yo WhatsApp account with your primary number. On the same note, the YOWA arrives with an Anti-ban system. So, nothing to worry about it in the first place. 

Can I secure a specific chat or the whole YoWhatsApp profile with password protection?

Yes, you can effortlessly secure a specific chat and hide it inside the Yo WhatsApp application. 

1. To do so, first, you have to long-press on the chat which you want to hide. 
2. Afterward, click on the three-dot and tap on the Hide chat option. 
3. Add the pattern password according to your wish. 
4. Finally, tap on the app and enter a password to access chats. 


At last, it’s time to dive into the amazing world of customization and futuristic features of YoWhatsApp! Get the latest version of the MOD for any android or iOS device. Enjoy a whole new level of features, themes, wallpaper, and numerous other exciting things.

Following this, you can increase security and privacy factor while instant messaging via WhatsApp YO. Finally, the decision is in your hands whether you want to stay with the boring interface setting or want to try out something new!

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